We are pioneers in terahertz spectroscopy,
specializing in liquids.

For those of you who work with liquids, 
wouldn't you like to see changes in the state of liquids 
that no one has been able to see before?

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To everyone who handles liquids

Changes in the liquid state that no one has ever seen
Do you want to watch it?


We are a liquid solutions company.

In the world's industries, chemically complex mixed solutions are used in all situations. These functional fluids are the result of efforts that have accumulated countless knowledge and experience.
In the process of creating the liquid, there is always a “takumi” skill. The craftsmen use the five senses and intuition to instantly understand the balance of liquids that cannot be seen using multiple devices, leading them to a state where they can be shipped.

We learned craftsmanship techniques that produce results that are instantaneous and fairly accurate, and developed completely new measurement and control techniques.
With the liquid solutions we propose, the future of the world's liquids will greatly advance, and we can make things more freely and creatively. I believe we can do that with our technology.

We are a liquid solutions company.

FDI is a solution company that seamlessly supports all the business improvement related to liquids, from the visualization of the state change due to the interaction between liquid molecules and visualization of the state to AI analysis.

Can be used in all liquid handling industries

We succeeded in instantly detecting and visualizing the complex state of liquids that cannot be detected by conventional inspection equipment.

Any liquid can be measured as it is

Water-based (gas can be included), organic solvent-based

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