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The name of the instantaneous liquid state measuring device sold by FDI.
How to read "Mimoi"
In Japan, it has been expressed as "Mimizu" that is important water for a long time.

Aqueous solution measurement kit

This cartridge is mainly used for measuring aqueous samples.
Disposable measurement kit for normal liquids and gas-containing liquids.
The kit includes a solution loading spitz and a dedicated measurement cap.

Organic solvent measurement kit

Spectroscopic cell mainly used for measuring organic solvent samples.
Disposable measurement kit for high concentration or small amount of liquid.

Holder [Spitz or Cell]

Attachment for attaching each measurement kit to the MiMoi body.


What is the technical advantage of MiMoi?

  • The world's first measurement of liquid and foaming solution status
  • Instantaneous measurement of liquid state in about 1 minute
  • Automatic feature extraction by AI analysis
  • All made in Japan

Aqueous solution measurement kit

What is the sample size at one time?


What is the standard sample size for the first sample?

50 ml for reuse in repeated measurements

What is the time for one measurement?

1 minute (may vary by sample)

Which part of the liquid film is 20 micrometers?

Central part where terahertz waves pass

Is the liquid film flat?

It is optically flat because interference fringes due to monochromatic light are observed.

Organic solvent measurement kit

What is the chemical resistance of the cell?

Cell material is cycloolefin polymer resin with some chemical resistance

What is the amount of sample per cell?

40 microliters

What is the standard sample size for one sample at the time of the first cell measurement?

2ml (20ml when stirring is required)

What is the measurement time for a single cell?

3 minutes for water, 5 minutes for highly viscous liquids

Is it possible to reuse cells?

If cleaning is possible, it can be reused. However, contamination free is difficult. Longer measurement time

Hydro Crest

Can terahertz data for each absorbance be confirmed with CSV?

Is possible

What is the difference in Hydro Crest values?

When the vertices of the graph do not overlap
(If the vertices of the graph overlap, there is no difference.)