The key to safety of drinks and liquid products:
Quantification of intermolecular interaction in liquids

渡部メソッドWater and drinks are complex mixtures consisting of tremendous number of molecules (roughly 1024 molecules).
Conventional analytical technologies are designed for identification of specific components: molecules, atoms, ions and radicals. And so it is not surprising that there is no sufficient tool for recognition of “quality of total mixture” or “the state of intermolecular networks or molecular clusters”.
The quick detection of “mixing condition of molecules” and sharing the information in research or production team are therefore highly desired in broad range of industries treating liquid mixtures.

Our mission is to understand “liquid state” truly, and to contribute to safety of drinks and liquid products. We now establish and release the new promising technology, Watanabe method, to fulfill the long-sought standard.
We believe that this innovation becomes the global standards in R&D, production management and quality controle in versatile fields including drinks, medicines and cosmetics.