Any liquid condition is instantly clear.

This system is a comprehensive design of liquids that is comprehensively designed from cloud analysis to feature extraction for AI, and advanced hardware such as intermolecular measurement using terahertz waves and a contamination-free measurement kit that enables it. The only system in the world that can do it.
A major domestic manufacturer of cutting-edge inspection equipment is in charge of manufacturing the measurement equipment, which has achieved reliable measurement quality. Instant measurement is possible in about 1 minute until the result is displayed.

Functional design

MiMoi is a compact design in which all the functions necessary for measurement are contained in an 850mm cube. In addition, the laboratory table is perfectly aligned with the height of the laboratory table, so it does not impair the feeling of laboratory opening.

From liquid measurement to analysis

Contamination-free measurement kit [2way + α]

Attention should be paid to the viscosity and composition of the liquid, and contamination during measurement. MiMoi offers disposable measurement kits to enable a wide range of sample measurements. There are measurement kits for aqueous solutions that cannot be measured with conventional terahertz, and measurement kits for non-aqueous solutions such as organic solvents. By changing the attachment, compatible liquids will continue to expand.

Any AI can speed up processing

In analysis using AI, it is important to optimize processing and organize unnecessary information. MiMoi SYSTEM extracts features from the liquid spectrum using an original algorithm developed for liquid analysis. Since the processed data is extremely compact, about 1/1000 of the original data, using this feature makes it possible to perform AI analysis of liquids, which was difficult to achieve until now, speeding up processing and improving accuracy. You can improve.

Watanabe method

MiMoi employs THz (terahertz) electromagnetic wave measurement using a femtosecond (1 trillionth of a second) pulsed light source. However, it has been considered impossible to measure an aqueous solution because the absorption of THz waves is too large. Therefore, we developed a cellless liquid film, a technology that forms a liquid film of about 10 μm in the air, and succeeded in measuring intermolecular interactions by directly measuring the THz of the film. In addition to cellless measurement of aqueous solutions, we offer optimal solutions for liquid THz measurement, including non-aqueous cell measurement.