Issues in the medical field solution

Discovery of critical micelle concentration of glycerin fatty acid ester

Originality and speed in drug discovery.

With DDS (drug delivery system) such as liposomes, it is now possible to quantify the state in the liquid. Its speed is only about 2 minutes. We focused on the macro, not the micro, and succeeded in developing an original measurement system that derives the liquid state from information on the strength and quantity of specific intermolecular forces.

Monitoring changes over time in liposomes and polymer micelles.

Liposomes, polymeric micelles, and vesicles have been analyzed for separation and analysis over time. However, the new system we propose can measure changes over time in a short span, so you can monitor the changing conditions.

Know the timing of expression in real time.

Our system is very effective for confirming the expression of liposomal DDS and polymeric micelle DDS. It is easy to understand the timing of controlled release because the change in the liquid state can be quantified by taking macroscopically the release of the drug from an external cause.

What is DDS monitoring?

By taking advantage of MiMoi's ability to instantly see intermolecular interactions, it is possible to grasp the DDS status of liposomes and polymer micelles in vitro. By monitoring the change over time from the generation timing to the expression timing, it is possible to greatly reduce the cost of testing during drug discovery. In addition, a database of intermolecular forces that is completely different from previous tests will be a new indicator of the complexity of liquids and will be differentiated from other companies as a unique database.

Understanding molecular interactions is the key

Since liposomes and polymer micelles are composed of intermolecular interactions, understanding the state without destroying it is the key to liposome status inspection.