Beverage issuessolution
・ Measures against food terrorism・ MiMoi measurement makes it possible to judge and take measures in a very short time (1 minute). For example, liquid chromatographs require pretreatment and take a long time of at least 30 minutes.
-Lack of information on mixing and mixing during agitation
・ Unstable detection of optimal aging of alcohols
・ It is impossible to quantify subtle tastes that cannot be detected by taste sensors
・ Emulsifier micelles, vesicles and state cannot be grasped
・ MiMoi can directly measure intermolecular interactions, and can measure the “state” of liquids such as association, aging, and taste. General terahertz spectral analyzers are not specialized or optimized for liquids. FDI's MiMoi is the only solution in the world that is specialized and optimized for “liquid”.

Visualization of aging state