Succeeded in developing the world's first molecular spectrometer that measures liquid associations in 60 seconds!

FEMTO Deployments Inc. [President and CEO Watanabe Akira] (FDI) has established the status of liquid meeting *1 and the degree of maturation. We announced the world's first measurement device (concept model) that quantifies in about 60 seconds and started receiving orders.


Water and liquid products that are indispensable for daily life are complex mixtures of countless molecules of 10 24. Really grasping and managing that quality was not good at the current analysis.

Quickly knowing and sharing what the liquid is like now shines light on all these scenes. At FDI, our mission is to truly understand liquids and get everyone to have safe and secure products. As the best way to achieve this, we have established the Watanabe method.

Watanabe method * 2 The creation of a new index for the inspection of each liquid product starting with beverage products, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, bringing about major reforms in research and development, production management, and quality control. We believe that.

About molecular spectroscopy

This device will be introduced into the beverage market from FDI as part of the above mission. This device uses the Watanabe method to spectroscopically measure the liquid state, and to quantify beverage association and aging.

Features of this device

  • Nondestructive and instantaneous properties by terahertz electromagnetic waves that react strongly with intermolecular interactions
  • Stable measurement results with cellless liquid film (uniform thin film of test liquid created in the air)
  • Contamination-free measurement with disposable cartridges
  • Compact design & easy operation
  • Cloud analysis of measurement data

Watanabe method?

Watanabe method employs terahertz electromagnetic wave measurement technology using femtosecond (1 trillionth of a second) pulsed light source as the basic technology. Water absorbs terahertz waves too much, and no information can be obtained if the aqueous solution is 1 mm thick. If a thin liquid film is made with a measuring cell sandwiched between transparent plates, multiple reflections and contamination on the surface of the plate will interfere with the measurement. Watanabe method, a thin and uniform liquid film of several tens of microns is accurately and reproducibly generated with a disposable cartridge and directly measured with terahertz waves. This has made it possible to obtain pure measurement data without the need for pretreatment and carry-over of contamination. Observation of terahertz waves linked to a very short time measurement, femtoseconds, reflects changes in the short-lived association state of liquids, as seen in stroboscopic photography.

By accumulating these complex ideas, it is possible to measure the association state in a non-destructive manner at the molecular level and in an instant of 60 seconds.

Conventional measurements can be broadly divided into macro measurements that collectively measure changes in the entire molecular population and micro measurements that determine the molecules and their internal structures. However, the world obtained by the Watanabe method remains the same as the molecular association that connects the two. Complexity information.

The obtained data includes all meeting conditions, and by giving parameters related to the sensitivity of various craftsmen, it is possible to quantify the meeting condition index for a given purpose.

Sales target

The sales target for the first year is 3 units, and we aim to sell a total of 300 units by the 2019 fiscal year before the Tokyo Olympics.


About price Contact Us Please give me. (Academic version is also in preparation)

About the future

In addition to the construction and maintenance of a spectroscopic database, we will develop meeting monitoring equipment for beverage production lines. Furthermore, in this term, we will develop an early approach to areas where standardization is expected. For the next fiscal year, we will propose the application of Watanabe Method to various industries such as the provision of measuring instrument manufacturing rights and consumables sales contracts.

* 1 An association state is formed with a weaker energy than chemical bonds such as covalent bonds (covalent bonds represented by carbon-carbon bonds) and ionic bonds (represented by chloride ions in sodium chloride-sodium ions). Aggregated state formed by intermolecular forces. Weak bonds are electrostatic interactions, hydrogen bonds, van der Waals forces, etc., and may take a stable form for a long time, such as a dimer paired with alcohol molecules, or like a water cluster. In addition, the individual portions may form a “liquid state” as a whole while being broken or formed instantaneously with a lifetime of picoseconds (one trillionth of a second). Many of the properties of liquids are known to be greatly affected by molecular associations.

Previous spectroscopic measurements measure “strong bonds” using light with high photon energy, and have only been shown indirectly for the association state of molecules. Terahertz electromagnetic waves are necessary to see the "weak coupling" without breaking it.